About Us


Our Beginnings: Born from a love for heritage and a desire to weave tradition into the jewel toned wires of modern living, Do Taara is a small homegrown endeavor that blossomed from our living room into a haven of creativity. Our journey is not just about crafting jewelry; it's about preserving the stories etched into the very soul of our culture.


Crafted with Love: In our cozy at-home studio, hands that carry stories and hearts brimming with love meticulously craft each piece. Our jewelry is more than adornment; it's a labor of passion, a tangible expression of the warmth and love that permeates our workspace.


Inspired by India: From the vibrant markets of Jaipur to the serene ghats of Varanasi, peaceful valleys of Kashmir to the busy bazaars of Dilli, our designs are inspired by the kaleidoscope of experiences India offers. Each piece reflects the colors, textures, and stories of our homeland, creating a wearable celebration of our cultural heritage.


Artisanal Excellence: Our small team of dedicated artisans, like an extended family, breathes life into every creation. With nimble fingers and a keen eye for detail, they transform raw materials into timeless treasures, infusing each piece with the spirit of Indian craftsmanship. We weave magic with every bead and every bend of the wire just so it shines bright for you to make you the shiniest star in a room.

Our range displays an extraordinary exhibit of wide ranging designs for your every mood - the lazy Sunday mornings when the time seems to drag and you can’t have enough of it, engulfed by the aroma of freshly cut grass, reading a book. Or the days when you are all about the sass and put on a sharp eyeliner. We have got all your moods covered with our collection of jewels to speak your mind.
Our designs are perfect for modern women with a splash of timeless charm in their souls. They're made for women who love to be a global citizen yet always find their way back home.



Do Taara draws its inspiration the rich culture and artisanal heritage of India and marries it with modern minimalism and a whiff of whimsy. 

Our designs are fit for the modern women who have a hint of traditional essence deep down the bottom of her hearts. Our  designs are created for women who love to travel and explore, have a coming back home. 


Do Taara is all about grounding ourselves and finding our place of beauty, be it art or simply dressing up.             

Something you can wear while enjoying a cup of coffee, feeling beautiful and falling in love with the small moments in life. 
Having a strong belief in the therapeutic effect of the art of dressing up for ourselves, we create designs that are laid back and effortless yet inspired by the traditional roots.
Do Taara boasts of use of luxurious materials fused together in a symphony of intricacy and fine craftsmanship. We make jewelry that stands the test of time and is meant to be cherished now and forever.